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Rope Lube (Camellia / jojoba oil blend for jute ropes)

Rope Lube (Camellia / jojoba oil blend for jute ropes)

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Our rope lube is a silky blend of pure camellia and jojoba oils that helps to condition and maintain your jute ropes for shibari. This blend keeps the rope hydrated, eliminating the risk of fibres breaking or shedding and making your rope last longer.

Both camellia and jojoba oil are commonly found in massage oils due to their similarity to our skin's sebum, giving your rope a smooth yet supple feel to the touch.

We mix jojoba oil, a liquid-wax, with the camellia oil to prevent it from evaporating. Our rope lube is 100% vegan, odourless and has a faint amber hue. Get a 250ml bottle and use it to reduce friction on hands and prevent fragile jute fibres from shedding.

  • Blend of 100% cold-pressed camellia oil (tsubaki oil) and jojoba oil.
  • 100% vegan.
  • Keeps ropes supple, and helps prevent the shedding of jute fibres during tying.
  • Reduces friction on hands 
  • Faint amber hue.
  • Odourless.
  • 250ml bottle
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Antonio Vidal
Excellent seller & products

Superb customer care, comunication and customer service.
I did receive his products right at the time he promise them.

Strong, practical & pretty

I bought some pre treated rope as at the moment and too busy to treat new ropes. I found these very nice quality but naturally they need a little breaking in as quite rigid to begin with. That said they will soften nicely and the quality is robust and I think if used for suspensions you’d be confident they are more than up to it. Used for ground play, great…and the quality means nice ties and knot shapes which don’t pull too tight. Nice product and not a crazy price.

Happy Customer

Good products, delivered efficiently.

Shirley Matthew
Jute Rope pampering treatment.

This Lube is really nice and easy to apply, my chunk of rope is now looking good and not shredding bits all over the place.

Jesi Cathey
My favorite rope

I’ve tried a couple of different kinds of jute now, and Anatomie has be coming back every time. This rope is soft, strong, and a beautiful golden color. The lay is a little tighter than ogawa, which is perfect for me! I’ve been using this rope since the start of my rope journey a few years ago and nothing else really compares.