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Embark on Your Shibari Journey: Pre-Treated vs. Raw Ropes

For beginners seeking an immediate dive into the art of shibari, our pre-treated ropes offer a hassle-free, ready-to-use experience. However, as you progress on your shibari journey, you'll take pride in the connection that comes with breaking in your own ropes.

The Bond Between Rigger and Rope: Breaking In Your Own

Experienced riggers often opt for raw ropes, allowing them to cultivate a personal bond as they break in each strand over time. This process becomes a tactile journey, enhancing the link between rigger and rope.

Budget-Friendly Mastery: Treating Ropes Yourself

Beyond the emotional connection, treating your ropes offers a practical advantage. Dive into the budget-friendly option of treating your own ropes at £6-£9 per 7.5m length, compared to £17.90 for pre-treated options. That's a savings of £10 per rope, providing both financial flexibility and a hands-on experience.

Personalize Your Journey, Save on Costs

As your expertise grows, so does your appreciation for the artistry of shibari. Take control of your experience by treating your ropes personally, creating a narrative that is uniquely yours.

Bulk Orders and Discounts

For those ready to commit to larger quantities, reach out to us directly at for personalised service. Enjoy a small bulk discount, making your shibari journey even more accessible.